Belt Dehydrator
【Application】:brewery industry,Vinasse, bean dregs, sludge and other high wet materials...
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Belt dehydrator is mainly consist of: Main body (distiller’s grains dehydrator), air compressor, air processor, electric control device, net-washing water filter. The main body is composed of frame, hopper, filter mesh, tensioning device, adjusting device, driving systems, scraper, all kinds of bearing and rollers, waste water tanks, net-washing devices. (For more information about my company)

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Model Capacity(m³/h) Power(kw) Area(㎡)
DLDT1000 3-6 3 26.9
DLDT1500 4-10 4 40.4
DLDT2000 6-15 4 53.8
DLDT2500 9-18 5.5 67.3
DLDT3000 12-22 7.5 80.7
General Heat Source
suitable for a variety of heat sou-rces, not restricted by heat source
Low Operating Costs
low energy consumption, low operating costs
Environmental protection
use various of dust collectors to meet local environmental standards
Quality Control
high-precision product technol-ogy, strict quality control