Coconut bran drying machine
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Coir fiber,wrapped on the surface of the coconut shell and the coconut plant tissue, is a rare natural fiber, with solid quality, good wear resistance and waterproof.which is used for mattress, sofa, sit chair padding, or directly to do all kinds of cushi……(For more information about my company)

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Model Capacity(t/h) Wet Materials MC (%) Dry Materials MC(%)
DLSG2012/3 1.85 25-50 5-15(adjustable)
DLSG2210/3 1.976
DLSG2510/3 2.427
DLSG2512/3 2.912
DLSG2912/3 3.432
General Heat Source
suitable for a variety of heat sou-rces, not restricted by heat source
Low Operating Costs
low energy consumption, low operating costs
Environmental protection
use various of dust collectors to meet local environmental standards
Quality Control
high-precision product technol-ogy, strict quality control