Brewer's Spent Grain Dryer
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BSG are major by-products in the beer production. However, high moisture (80-85%) brings a lot of problems on utilization and transportation. Today the best way to solve this problem is to dehydrate BSG and transfer them into composite feed, which could be effectively absorbed. According to the need of different livestock, people could make variable feed by adding specific additive such as trace element. By this way, BSG could get fully used, which could bring priceless environmental benefits and economic benefits. (For more information about my company)

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Line-Action Shooting
General Heat Source
suitable for a variety of heat sou-rces, not restricted by heat source
Low Operating Costs
low energy consumption, low operating costs
Environmental protection
use various of dust collectors to meet local environmental standards
Quality Control
high-precision product technol-ogy, strict quality control
Model Capacity(t/d) Power(kw) Area(m²)
DLSG1409 21.6 34 5*15
DLSG1615 40.0 45 6*22
DLSG2010/3 62.5 78 8*18
DLSG2210/3 70.5 85 8*18
DLSG2510/3 83.5 110 10*18
DLSG2512/3 108.0 125 10*20
DLSG2912/3 120.0 135 10*22