The conveyor belt plays an important role in the brewery drying production line

The conveyor belt plays an important role in the brewery drying production line, but the material has a certain impact on the conveyor. In order to extend the service life of the conveyor belt, today we will introduce how to slow the material transfer in the brewer's drier production line. With the impact, to avoid the conveyor belt wear and so on.

The use of a certain buffering device, such as a buffer bed, can effectively avoid and relieve the tearing caused by the sharp objects on the tape, prevent the deviation of the tape, and minimize the damage of the material impact to the tape. The body design should be as low as possible to reduce the height of the filling point to obtain a smaller falling kinetic energy. In the temporary storage yard and construction site, often use the head and tail phase belt conveyor, forming a tandem type of work, This not only reduces the kinetic energy of the material, but also prevents the material from spilling onto the next conveyor. Choose the right feeding device to withstand the impact of the material, tape feeding is suitable for most small particle size materials, caterpillar type feeding is suitable for the feeding of ore with large impact and large granularity, etc. Feeding equipment is usually used only when it is required for quantitative feeding. Everybody can choose the suitable device according to the material characteristics of the brewer's grains when choosing.